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Scope of application

Combustion engine

Sealing systems by KACO

High precision seals for highly efficient applications

More performance, more efficiency, more environmental compatibility – KACO sealing systems fulfil a wide variety of sealing tasks in international automotive construction. With their high quality, durability and functionality, our sealing systems make an important contribution to the success of our customers and help them to secure and increase their technological and economic competitiveness. Our highly developed sealing elements are used in vehicles from the engine to the drive train to the auxiliary units. There, they make a decisive contribution to safe, comfortable, fuel-efficient and emission-reduced driving with their reliable functionality, high durability, wear resistance and minimal friction.

Individual & Robust Sealing Solutions

Dynamic seals

Produkte Statische Dichtungen Kaco
The solution for every type of enclosure sealing

Static seals

Produkte Druckausgleichselement Kaco
Air vent caps and systems by KACO

Pressure compensation elements



Produkte Wellenerdungsringe Kaco
Safe protection of bearings in electric drives

Shaft grounding rings

Produkte Systeme Kaco
A new era


Customised & application-specific


Highest quality and reliability

For over 100 years, KACO has stood for the highest quality and reliability. At the same time, the implementation of KACO’s quality philosophy guarantees consistently high standards.

Automobile manufacturers worldwide value KACO’s sealing systems. Whether dynamic seals, static seals, pressure compensation elements or encoders, shaft earthing rings and systems – in all applications, our products ensure that many things move more efficiently and in a more environmentally friendly manner. Our high level of materials, manufacturing and development expertise makes us a recognised partner of companies in the global automotive, supplier and mechanical engineering industries, for whom – as for us – one thing is decisive: leading quality and maximum functional reliability.

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