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Karriere Schüler Ausbildung Kaco
Training at KACO

You too can become a part of us!

Training has a long tradition and a high value. The sealing expert relies on fairness, trust and variety to be able to support the youngsters in the best possible way. Even after completing their training, the young professionals have very good prospects and opportunities to get off to a flying start at KACO!

Apply for an apprenticeship at KACO, because with us you are not just someone – you are the future!

From the human resources department to purchasing

Commercial vocational training

Karriere Schüler Industriekauffrau Kaco

Industrial clerk (f/m/d)

Karriere Schüler Fachkraft für Lagerlogistik Kaco

Warehouse logistics specialist (f/m/d)

Experience the entire value chain at first hand

technical vocational training

Karriere Schüler Mechatroniker Kaco

Mechatronics engineer (f/m/d)

Karriere Schüler Elektroniker für Betriebstechnik Kaco

Electronics technician (f/m/d) for operating technology

Karriere Schüler Industriemeachniker Kaco

Industrial mechanic (f/m/d)

Karriere Schüler Zerspannungsmechaniker Kaco

Cutting machine operator (f/m/d)

Karriere Schüler Werkzeugmechaniker Kaco

Tool mechanic (f/m/d)

Karriere Schüler Verfahrensmechaniker Kaco

Process mechanic (f/m/d)

Karriere Schüler Maschinen- und Anlagenführer Kaco

Machine and plant operator (f/m/d)

ready for the digital transformation

IT training

Karriere Schüler Kaufmann Digitalisierungsmanagement Kaco

Businessman (f/m/d) for Digitalisation Management

Karriere Schüler Fachinformatiker für Systemintegration Kaco

IT Specialist (f/m/d) for System Integration

“The cooperative study model at KACO gives me the opportunity to achieve two degrees at once: The training as a mechatronics technician and the bachelor’s degree in mechatronics and robotics. This is the best way to be prepared for the professional future.”

Sebastian, Student - Mechatronics and Robotics

“Thanks to the cooperative study programme at KACO, I can apply my practical expertise from the vocational training I completed during my studies. The alternation between theory and practice is ideal preparation for later professional life.

Filip, Student - Mechatronics and Robotics

“The breathtaking views on the apprentice trip in Austria and spending time in the great outdoors was very nice and encouraged team building.”

Tobias, Industrial mechanic

“Working in the training workshop is a new experience for me every day, as there is a lot to learn here.”

Loris, Electronics technician for operating technology

“I had a friend who had been working at KACO for a while. He recommended the company to me.”

Aaron, process mechanic

“One of the most important things you have to know in my apprenticeship is definitely the optimal packaging of our articles. You should also be familiar with the individual packaging regulations of our customers.

Kevin, Warehouse Logistics Specialist

“I particularly like the time I spend in the training workshop. Here I not only learn all the basics for my apprenticeship, but also a lot about my own skills.

Johannes, Mechatronics engineer

“I chose my profession because I find it exciting and versatile. You learn something new in every department and thus receive varied training.”

Muriel, Industrial clerk

“I decided on a cooperative study programme because the practical experience is very important to me, you aim for a double qualification and you receive a monthly training allowance. Overall, you are very well equipped for the future.”

Fabio, Student - Mechanical Engineering

“The cooperative study programme at KACO has enabled us to combine practice and theory in the best possible way. The excellent support in the company should be emphasised.”

Filip and Sebastian, Students - Mechatronics and Robotics

“At KACO, I learned to work independently and responsibly at an early age. Right from the start, I was given the feeling of being involved in the subject matter and being part of the team and KACO. If I have a question, there are always helpful colleagues to support me in my learning process and training.”

Jordi, IT Digitisation Management Businessman

“By working in different areas, the work is interesting, varied and diverse. At the same time, your own independence and social skills are promoted. If you get stuck, helpful colleagues are there to help you.

Lorenz, Apprentice as IT specialist for system integration

“Especially during the period of mobile work, I was given a wide variety of tasks with a lot of responsibility. This encouraged me and challenged me, and I realised how much trust was placed in me and my work.”

Lukas, Industrial clerk

“Even though I am just at the beginning of my apprenticeship, I already feel part of the company.”

Melissa, Industrial clerk

“At KACO you are given a lot of responsibility and you are involved in all activities from the very beginning.”

Jonas, Industrial clerk

“Because I already knew some people here, I was told a lot of good things about KACO. I was able to get my first impressions of the company even before I started my training. In addition, a good work-life balance and the above-average apprenticeship pay speak in KACO’s favour.”

Robert, Mechatronics engineer

“KACO offered me the opportunity to develop professionally and personally and to grow in myself through my training as an industrial clerk and subsequent studies.”

Julia, Duale Studentin - BWL-Industrie

“I really enjoyed the trip to Austria, we all had a lot of fun together. Overall, it was a nice experience.”

Nico, Mechatronics engineer

“Since I live in Kirchardt and KACO also has its headquarters in Kirchardt, it was a good opportunity for me to start the training here.”

Oskar, Machine and plant operator

“During the training, I have already been able to get a good impression of what the profession has in store for me later.”

Markus, Toolmaker

“The training in IT at KACO is characterised by varied, gripping challenges and insightful goals.”

Kevin, IT specialist for system integration

“KACO offers security, a positive future and places great value on its apprentices.”

Jan, Machinist

“I found the introduction to the training very good. Especially working on the machines is a lot of fun.”

Luis, Industrial mechanic

you too can benefit
from an apprenticeship
with kaco

+ Work-life balance
+ Above average pay
+ 30 days holiday
+ Company pension scheme
+ Flexible working hours
+ Appreciation
+ Own training workshop
+ Further training and development opportunities
+ Company doctor
+ Company restaurant
+ Team building measures

good to know

your application documents

For the review of your application we need:

  • A detailed cover letter
  • A curriculum vitae in table form
  • Copies of your most recent school reports
  • Certificates, proof of qualifications or internships, if available

What does the application process look like?

  • Invitation to the aptitude test
  • Invitation to the interview
  • Prompt acceptance or rejection


KACO GmbH + Co. KG
Industriestraße 19
74912 Kirchardt

well prepared?

list of notes for your interview

  • Have you read up on KACO on the homepage?
  • Do you know what KACO makes and are you familiar with our products?
  • Do you know our locations?
  • Do you know about your apprenticeship?
  • Why should we choose you?

Feel like networking?

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